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    Contact Us
    Juding Packing Machinery (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd
    Address:No.1939, Jiamei Road, Jiading District, 201802 Shanghai, China 
    Skype: tracy-bi
    Whatsapp: 0086-13671976132
    Service Hotline

    Adjustable Roll To Square Bottom Paper Bag Making Machine

    Equipped with Japan Mitsubishi servo system and SICK photocell tracker, which are tracking the printed material accurately.

    Equipped with Mitsubishi electric control system and motion controller (CPU), to realize high speed and precision motion control through the integration of optical fiber

    Using touch screen display, the operation function is clear and has good human-machine interface.

    Equipped with automatic WEB correction system from America and Italy, which can make you reduce the adjusting time, paper wasting and improve efficiency.

    Equipped with American VALCO cold spray adhesive system to side sealing, the glue volume can be adjusted automatically according to machine speed.

    Automatic reclaiming, cleaning and saving glue.

    Equipped with the automatic bugs alarm and display function. It has block paper detector to avoid machine damaged because of plugging paper.

    Equipped with automatic lubrication system and blocking alarm.

    We are located in Shanghai's science satellite town: Nanxiang Economic development zone .We have nearly 15 years of experiences in production and trade of bag making 95彩票app最新版应用. The productes we have include:,,.

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